ExperIences wIth RetInal DegeneratIon
Article About RP, by Alvaro GutIerrez

Hello,my name Is Alvaro, I was born In ColombIa, LatIn AmerIca. I have used glasses or contact lenses for all my lIfe. I have myopIa, and therefore I see poorly by nIght and from long range too In the fIrst place.

In 1996 I was In a eye center here In Bogotá-ColombIa to make me some routine exams, but the doctor saw a possIble RP symptoms if I can call it that.

Anyway, he told me to do the Electroretinagram, and I did it, and it came out with the results that I had RP. I cried, possibly, 2 days, and started seeing other doctors that confirmed what already knew.

I thought "Why me?", what I did to deserve this?  Then I understood that was not about me, just these things happens, it is like an obstacle God put to many of us to ask us "How tough we are", and it has been the most challenging thing In my life.

To deal with this disease is very difficult but you get use to it. The most important thing is to NEVER GIVE UP on it, never feel sorry for yourself, be always up and positive, be always thinking that you can and WILL defeat this disease.

I have never cried again sInce those 2 days I mentIoned at the start of this article.

I learned that if you belIeve in yourself, and in God,you will succeed, no matter how tough seems to be, you can beat it. The human mind and heart are the most powerful tools the world has seen, so many people around the world beat their dIseases because they want to have a better life, help others, they love to be alive and fight for it, they have one big reward:Their health.

I am not saying all people can, but many can do it, we can make the difference in our lives by knowing we can be healthy again, and believe me, we can do this, and never say that your parents and family doesn't understand you, you are on earth to prove how you are, just you can save yourself.

I know that you will have many days of sadness and depression, but think that if you cry and feel bad, the disease wIll be winning, not you, you must destroy it, all the negativism and bad thoughts must go, you must feel absolutely sure you will recover your vision and stop your disease. The doctors have recommended me, vitamin A wIth palmitate, and well, use sunglasses, don't look to the light, and don't smoke, don't try too much to see somethIng, and most of all, try to use tears naturals, eat less fat, or no fat at all, and try to be as healthy eating as possible.

Has been tough these 4 years, but now, everyone I know knows my problem, I always says so,wIth proud, I have nothIng to hide really.I am brave as all of us are, we are choose by God to get over this, we are no cowards, we face reality and problems, and we have no problem in saying what is goIng on wIth us, and if we don't say it or are afraId of people realizing we have RP, then, we would be losing this war against RP, we must fight wIth character, determination and courage.

Well, I am glad I wrote this, hopefully some people wIll email me and exchange experiences and positive thoughts.

I know someday I wIll not have this disease anymore and have known this sInce I know I have It.

My sight now Is ok, not too well, but ok, I am sure all of us can improve our vision, and we wIll stop thIs disease, as you know in some people the disease stops suddenly, in others not, what must happen will happen, God is who knows what will happen, but we will defeat this if we believe it and want it as strongly as we want to breath.

Thank you to the Webmaster of this wonderful website and for allow us to say what we think.

Good luck to everyone!!!

Alvaro Gutierrez.

If you would like to have your story listed, please email me at rpmail@jwen.com

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