Experiences with Retinal Degeneration

Below is a listing of personal stories from people with RP and other Retinal Degenerative diseases. If you would like to have your story listed, please email me at rpmail@jwen.com

RP: The Struggle and Success
by Nick

The Narrow Tunnel of Compensation (Revised) By Joy Thomas

The Story of My Grandfather by Lauren
Life with Inner Vision By Karyn Christensen
The Game of Life by Bob McDuff
RP, Mom and Me by JV
My Experiences with RP by Ida Yearby
Transformation By Gayle Abramson
The Narrow Tunnel of Compensation By Joy Thomas
My Long Story by Victoria
Mi Historia by Gloria
Unexpected Detour by Kathy
My Story by Joseph
Article about RP by Alvaro
My Own Personal Hero by Betty

The stories on these pages are the property of the authors and may not be copied without the permission of the authors.

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