The Story of My Grandfather
by Lauren

My grandfather has RP. I have never really understood all the facts about it until now, because at the moment I am doing a science assingment on diseases and I chose RP.

I call my grandfather Da. He is about 65 and he went totally blind about 14 years ago. I am 15, and it makes my mother very happy that he did get to see me before he went blind.

He has not had an easy life. He is one of the people I admire most in this world. He has gone through the pain of 2 divorces, and also the pain of losing a son. My uncle Graham died 6 weeks before his 18th birthday in a road accident. But Da hasn't let any of this deter him. He makes his money by busking with his saxaphone, which he absolutely loves, and he also teaches other blind people how to use computers, so their lives can be that little bit easier. That's why I admire him so much. He was given this handicap. His brother suffers from RP as well. But Da still manages to fill his day by either helping someone else with a handicap, or giving the people of the Queen Street Mall some beautiful music to listen to.

My mother is a carrier of the disease, and chances are I am too. I only hope that throughout my life, I can be as strong as my Da.

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