Many people have asked me about the condition of my RP, so since I just recently had an eye exam here it is:
I have Autosomal Dominant RP. I have 5 - 7 degrees of vision in my right eye and 3 - 5 degrees of vision in my left. My left eye turns out and has done so since birth. I can only see out of one eye at a time, I have no depth perception. I have recently been fitted for glasses to correct some nearsightedness, otherwise my central vision is good.
I do not use a cane or any other assistance for mobility. I get around fine with the occasional bump and stumble associated RP.
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Vision Update: 8/02
My last eye exam was a year ago, and my vision seems to have stabilized for now. I do need to rely on reading glasses more than I used to and the menu boards at McDonalds are pretty much unreadable to me. However I am reading this computer screen with no difficulty and I work with computers daily without problems. I still do not use a cane, and in fact have negotiated airports, subways, busses, malls, baseball stadiums, city streets and a number of other areas by myself without major incident.

I have received many emails asking me to send them information or to recommend a doctor or to tell them about the elusive cure. Everything I know about RP is contained in these web pages. I have no other information to email or mail to anyone. I can not recommend any doctors and if there was a cure, it would be on the front page of the web page.
I appreciate the many comments I have received about the web page and I am flattered that I am considered an expert by some of you, but I am just a guy with RP who put up a web page.

About the Web Page
My RP Page was started back in the summer of 1996. It was originally a small part of my personal web page. Since then it is continued to grow in size and popularity and regularly receives over 100 hits a day. In December of 1997 I started the RP Pals page, and since then well over 500 people have signed up to be an RP Pal. Needless to say the success of this page has taken me completely by surprised and I am routinely amazed at the reach of this humble little web page.
John - Aug 1999

August 2002

The RP Page continues to be popular. RP Pals are well over 800 now and my time to keep up the page has been dwindling lately. I am still doing updates to the page and will continue to do so when time allows. I appreciate all the suggestions and material people send me to include in the page, and I do get around, eventually, to putting it all in. My amazement at the popularity of the page has not dwindled. The page is truly international. I have received emails from every continent on earth and probably 100 countries, including countries where freedom is not up to standard we have in the US and I suspect emailing me would be difficult if not dangerous. The journey continues.

-John Aug 2002

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