RP on the IRC

What is the IRC?
The IRC, stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is a way for people to communicate, chat, with one another in real time. You do this by getting into chat rooms

The #RPList has a chatroom for people with RP to chat with one another.
To get into the chatroom, you need have a special software program. Two popular programs are Microsoft Chat and Mirc.

Microsoft Chat web pages:
Microsoft Chat Official Page
Unofficial Microsoft Chat Page

You will need to download and install these programs on your system.
Once you get the programs set up, you will need to add the server location into your list of servers. Here is the server name.
You will then have to find the #RPList room, it should be in a listing of available rooms for that server. Sign in there and get ready to chat.
If you need some help, check out this web page. http://webhome.idirect.com/~mmchugh/chat/rplistwh.htm
There is detailed help for using the chat programs as well as dealing with the IRC servers.
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Date last modified December 1, 1998