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Q: What is a mailing list?
A: A mailing list is like an email bulletin board where subscribers can post messages via email. A mailing list usually has a specific topic and people send email to the list about that topic which is sent out to all the subscribers of that list. Some lists have digest options where a number of messages are saved up and sent at once.

There are many mailings lists about RP, Blind and Visually Impaired topics. Here are some, click on the list name to find out how to subscribe.
To find more blind and visually impaired lists, check out this URL, http://www.hicom.net/~oedipus/blist.html

- RP Mailing Lists -

R_Plist- an open forum for discussion of RP, MD and other retinal diseases
RP List- support and information regarding all retinal degenerations
Ret-Pig- retinitis pigmentosa, medical and research oriented
RP-Friends- an Open Forum for people with RP
RPLISTE-FR- discussion of all retinal degenerations in French
PRDVSERV- discussion of all retinal degenerations in German

- Other Eye Diseases Mailing Lists -

USHER-LIST- for persons with Usher syndrome, family and friends
R-BLASTOMA- for persons with Retinoblastoma, their family and friends
MACULAR-DEGENERATION- for personal discussions with other MD-ers
CHOROIDEREMIA- all topics related to choroideremia

- General Blind Mailing Lists-
ABLA: American Blind Lawyers Association discussion list - ABLA is the discussion list of the American Blind Lawyers Association.
BLINDAD- Advertisements (personal and some commercial) for blindness-related products and services.
blindadult- The BLINDADULT mailing list is for blind adults (i.e. those over 18 years of age).
Blind-Diet- The Blind-Diet list is designed to meet the specific needs of blind and visually impaired individuals who are striving toward a healthier lifestyle.
BLIND-ETC- BLIND-ETC is a list dedicated to the discussion of everything and anything not covered by the other lists.
BLINDFAM- BLINDFAM, the "blindness and family life discussion list", is a list dedicated to the discussion of the everyday life experiences of blind persons, their family members, and friends.
BLINDJOB- Employment issues and opportunities for the blind and visually impaired.
Blind World- Blind World is a general discussion forum for the dissussion of any topic relating to blindness and visual impairment.
bsports- Bsports, a.k.a. Blindsport, is a new mailing list dealing specifically with sports for the blind.
HANDS- HANDS is a support list primarily aimed at blind highschool and college students.
STRUMMIN- STRUMMIN, the blind guitarists' information exchange, is dedicated to blind guitarists.
Viewpoints- VIEWPOINTS has been established to give interested blind and visually impaired Canadians a forum where they can share information and ideas on blindness related topics

Date last modified January 16, 2000